Art Embracing Art

​Video Creators Lounge opened in August of 2019 to provide a space for all of us to come together and share the experience of creating.

Video, photography, and audio production has always been my passion and primary hobby. The most enjoyable moments of my life occurred when creating videos with friends many years ago. I was especially excited when my videos showcased art created by artists I admired. During those times I felt part of a community with strong personal connections and the most authentic version of myself. 


Now, years later, I have a deeper appreciation of the value and importance of expression through art and decided to make it my primary focus in life.  At Video Creators Lounge, we strive to be the platform for you to produce video, photography, and audio as part of an inclusive community that brings together artists and embraces all forms of art.

Justin Dovidio



Video Creators Lounge is about forming community, embracing personal relationships, and communicating through art. Our community is about creating an inclusive atmosphere and free flow of authentic and unapologetic expression. We seek to dissolve the lines between professionals, hobbyists, enthusiasts, and businesses and focus on the important work of creating. We and our members provide video and audio services that highlight art, artists, and those doing great work to improve our communities.  We do this for free.  We also connect those of you seeking commercial video & audio production with our vetted and talented members. We are here to help you be successful.

HI-FI, "two very important things to have in a stereo system"

We offer 8K video production and editing services.  Our equipment and expertise meets and exceeds broadcast standards ensuring the highest quality output for use today and in the future.