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Basic Conference Coverage

(Video Production)

This option offers professional video coverage of your corporate conference, capturing key moments, presentations, and panel discussions. It includes basic editing, titles, and simple transitions, resulting in a polished highlight reel.

Enhance your corporate conference with professional video production services, showcasing your brand's expertise and engaging a wider audience. Capture the valuable moments, extend your reach, and unlock marketing potential with high-quality conference videos.

Price Range: 




How does it work?

1. Pre Production

Prior to the day of 


  • We will meet in-person or over Zoom to go over all preparations.

  • We will review the schedule and answer any questions you may have.

2. Production

Production for this service will be scheduled for  

a full day.

  • A portion of the time will be used for set-up and breakdown of equipment.

  • Production will begin once equipment checks are complete.

3. Post Production

Editing will being on the next business day.

  • Once editing is complete, we will provide a preview of the final deliverable for review and approval.

  • After approval, the final deliverable will be sent to you electronically, in-person, or by mail.

Let's schedule a time to discuss!

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